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Stickers and decals

We use Arlon DPF 510 GTX/MTX is a 3.2mil calendered film with a tinted, solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive and a low profile air-egress with the lay-flat liner. X-Scapre Technology enables trapped air to escape through the air channels for a speedy installation and a smooth finished graphic. The high-quality adhesive provides far superior adhesion and cohesion properties than water-based adhesive. Available in a gloss and matte finish.  Color matched.  Decals will have transfer tape applied.  Stickers: individual, roll or sheet styles in any cut path configuration. 

SLX or SLX+ Cast Wrap is a premium gloss white repositionable cast film with FLITE Technology™. Designed for full and partial vehicle and fleet applications, the film allows for a fast install, conforming around rivets, complex curves, and deep channels with ease AND WITHOUT USING PRIMER. FLITE Technology is a lite contact system allowing graphics to float over a substrate until firm pressure is applied. It guarantees the fastest installation while ensuring long-term bond and clean removability. Cast Wrap has a tinted, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive providing excellent opacity. The low-profile, air egress liner aids with easy installation, resulting in a smooth finish. 

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